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Wearson Gaming Desk

Last updated on November 30, 2023 9:38 am

Wearson Large Gaming Desk

The Wearson gaming table is a nice and clean gaming table with a desktop of 140×65 cm. This large desktop offers place for up to 2 24-inch monitors and is supported by 75cm high L-shaped legs that can support up to 150kg. The carbon fiber desktop is wear-resistant and scratch-proof, and covered by a full desktop mouse pad. The mouse pad is washable and slip-proof so that it stays in place while you are gaming.

The Wearson gaming table comes with a lot of extras, such as two cable holes for guiding your cables, a heaphone hook, cup holder and gaming handle rack with 4 USB charging ports. A storage box under the desk will give you enough space to store your cables neatly. Unfortunately the Wearson gaming desk is only available in black, but we have to say: it looks very neat in this design and colour. If you are looking for a clean gaming desk that has a lot of extras especially for gamers, then you should definitely consider this gaming table from Wearson.


+ Large desktop (140cm wide) with sturdy legs and adjustable footpads

+ Washable and slip-proof full desktop mouse pad

+ Cable management, headseat hook, cup holder and more extras


– Not adjustable in height

– Only available in one colour

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